Wednesday, 22 June 2011


Well, here I am. I'm a 14-year-old who is obsessed with all things genealogical, and with my surname being Green, I thought I try and be clever and call myself Greenealogist. Anyway, over the seven or so years I've been researching my family, I've discovered lots and lots of relatives, but not many stories which are out of the ordinary. There's some stuff, though, and of course as in every family sometimes the interesting people are the normal ones. I'm also going to share some stories of how I researched and, perhaps a tad selfishly, hope for some help with some brick walls that remain stubbornly well-constructed. In my researches, I've discovered relatives in America, Canada, Australia and of course there are the Flemings. But more about them later. Most of the time, I concentrate my attention on my British ancestors, who seem to primarily consist of long lines of the dreaded Ag Labs. I'm also lucky to have a large collection of photographs, only some of which I actually have in a corporeal form. I've ended up a genealogist thanks to my aunt, who is perhaps the most dilligent person I have met, and I've been assisted by various distant cousins. So, a hearty thanks to all them, and here's to the new blog.